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We give you a Thousand reasons to list your home for sale with Woodlands Realty LLC!

That’s right! For a limited time, when you list your home with Woodlands Realty LLC, we will invest up to $1000 in Repairs and Fix-ups to prepare your home for the market.

Why should you spend your money fixing up the home you are selling? That’s not much fun is it? Of course not, and that’s why we will put our money where it will do the most good… for you!

Preparing your home for the market is one of the most overlooked steps in the home selling process. That’s why we are willing to pick up the tab in an amount up to $1,000 to cover the cost of fix-ups and repairs. This will go a long way to assure your home sells for the most money possible, not the least!

Get all the details on our NEW,It’s on Us” $1,000. Send us your questions to [email protected] ; call 281-203-8087.


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    Our primary purpose at Woodlands Reality is to shepherd our clients through the home buying or selling process. It is with this spirit that we endeavor to do all that we can to make the experience for our customers a positive one.