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Tips for Buyers

Simplify the buying process- The most important task to a home buyer is contacting a Realtor whom you can trust and with whom you feel a connection. Make sure the Realtor you have selected listens more than talks. This is a trait that is absolutely necessary to finding the perfect home for you and your family. At Woodlands Realty our agents are carefully selected and all possess this trait and can guide you through the entire home buying process and give you the knowledge and experience to make an informed decision.

Narrowing the search- Narrow down your list of must haves to what really matters to you most. More times than not buyers want it all, finding it all just isn’t possible no matter the budget. To find the perfect home… make a list of things you “prefer” and things you “must have”. This will help your Realtor greatly in assisting you to find the perfect home.

You have found the perfect home…now what?   Once you have found the perfect home it’s time to make an offer. Your agent at Woodlands Realty will help you determine the homes value so you can make an educated offer. Then your Woodlands Realty agent will draw up your offer. This offer is extremely important legally binding document should only be prepared by a real estate agent or broker. You will sign the offer contract and need two checks, 1) earnest money (usually 1%  of homes value)  2) Option money 3) Offer contract and your pre-approval letter from your lender. All of these will be submitted to the sellers agent. The agents at Woodlands Realty are expert negotiators and will advise you in how to respond to a counter offer or accepted contract.

Final processes- You have finished inspections and completed all necessary steps and now the closing date is approaching. Your agent at Woodlands Realty will order the home warranty policy of your choosing, schedule your closing date and time, and the title company will research the title history as well as any leins on the property and draw up your closing documents. The funds (earnest money) you deposited at the offer stage will be credited back to your loan amount and you will sign all the papers with your agent and title officer. You will then be a homeowner!

Owning a home is rewarding and a great investment. Weather it’s your first home or you’re an experienced home buyer we can help. With the right help you will be confident in your ability to navigate the process of buying your home.

**Most importantly do NOT finance anything after you have gone into contract on your new home.  Also, keep you credit cards below 20% of credit line**

Types of loans

FHA, Conventional, VA, USDA, First time buyer- down payment assistance programs. We have lenders for every loan scenrio. Our prefered network of lenders are very carefully selected, and must perform to our high standards for our clients.

Money matters

  • How much home can I afford comfortably?
  • What is my payment with PMI, Taxes, and insurance?
  • What is the best rate I can get with my credit score?
  • What sort of documentation will I need to get a loan?
  • How much money will I need to bring to closing?
  • When will payments on my new home begin?
  • How much should I put down? 3.5%; 5%; 10%; 20%
  • What are the different loan types and what would suit me best?
  • What lender should I use?
  • What is mortgage insurance and do I have to have it?

Buying a Home

Consider your needs as you drive neighborhoods:

  • Where is the nearest school.
  • Nearest grocery stores
  • Nearest pharmacies
  • What are the price ranges of the homes and neighborhoods I like
  • What activities are around that you enjoy doing
  • Why is the home I like being sold?
  • Has the price been lowered?
  • What will be my down payment?
  • Is the home worth what they are asking?
  • What condition is the house in?
  • Will updating be needed, if so how much money will that take?

Making an Offer

The offer you make on a home will entail you and your Realtor discussing many details like:

  • Amount to offer
  • What home is valued at
  • Down payment
  • Details of financing
  • When you want to close on the home
  • What conditions will be placed on the seller
  • What will happen in the event the seller counter offers
  • What are my options if I change my mind
  • What do I do if there are multiple offers

Contract Review

This is the most important step in the home buying process and one of the many reasons you should enlist an expert to work for you in the home buying process. Sales contracts will vary greatly depending on the type of purchase you are making. All set fourth a general guideline of information. All buyers are entitled to have an attorney review their contracts prior to signing and it’s recommended you do so. In this day and age of technology many contracts are signed via electronic signing. While you can request your agent meet with you in person to explain the contract it is still advisable to have an attorney of your choosing review your contract. The general residential contract should lay out the following:

  • Parties in the contract. (buyer and seller)
  • Legal description of the property
  • Amount of down payment
  • Amount being financed
  • Amount of earnest money (1% of homes value)
  • Who is paying for the buyers title policy
  • What company is holding the escrow funds (title company)
  • Option period- usually a 10 dy period where you are allowed to get all inspections done on the property. If you and the seller can not agree to what needs to be fixed and who will pay for any repairs needed, you will be allowed out of the contract.
  • When the closing will take place and where
  • Who will be responsible for what costs

After inspections if deficiencies are found your agent will negotiate repairs. The seller will have until right before closing to have licensed professionals make any repairs.


Congratulations you have made it to closing, your agent will give you the exact amount you need to bring to closing in the form of a cashiers check. Bring your cashiers check and a Valid Driver License (not expired) to the closing. Your agent will also review your closing statement prior to closing to ensure no errors are made. Sign and Move In!!


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