Traffic Solution for The Woodlands?

Everyone who has driven in The Woodlands or outlying areas knows traffic is becoming a real problem. With our population expected to double by 2040, a solution must be found. The Woodlands has a ‘Park and Ride’ system set up for comuteers this program pays for itself essentially as riders pay a set price to and from their Houston destinations. Also in place is a “underutilized” free trolley system that shuttles area pedestrians to and from heavily retailed areas like Market Street and The Woodlands Mall. The Woodlands Township is now considering shuttling from Town Center to Panther Creek for residents. The majority of those wanting this service appears to be our citizens who use other methods of transportation, such as The Friendship Center busses and Interfaith [of The Woodlands] to get around.



The regional plan being considered is multi facetted, introducing a Town Center bus service and improving pedestrian and bike routes that would link to Town Center. According to ImpactNews.com the bus route would have 3 stops: Town Center to Hughs Landing, Memorial Herman, and Riva Row with several stop along each route. The total cost for this new solution? A whopping $5.3 Million, which would include the cost of purchasing 11 new buses. This cost is expected to be offset by federal grant money. Also being considered is a new ‘pick up’ location which would be a $5.5 Million dollar ‘Transit Center’, also expected to be offset by federal grant money. One thing is for certain..we must figure out a solution.

H-GAC transit study suggests new bus routes, village and busines

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