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Tile Floor ReVamp on A Budget

Happy Monday! Today we are going to share how you can give your tile or grout a new look for next to[...]

Fact of Day

Woodlands Realty, LLC specializes in Montgomery County not just The Woodlands. Our Broker began her [...]

Countertop Redo

Ok now lets talk about countertops. This is one of the most important features in your home. People [...]

UpDating On a Budget

So your Realtors advice is that you need to update...panic sets in as dollar signs flash before your[...]

New construction in and around The Woodlands

Driving around The Northwest Montgomery County, you may notice so much new construction. Wandering w[...]
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    Our primary purpose at Woodlands Reality is to shepherd our clients through the home buying or selling process. It is with this spirit that we endeavor to do all that we can to make the experience for our customers a positive one.